Specialist web consultants Yorkshire

If you’re after specialist web consultant in Yorkshire, you’ve found the experts!

A web consultant can help you in many ways, from training courses to assessing whether your project is viable, or a specific platform is feasible for your project.

Peacock Carter York is not just a digital agency; we offer website consultancy to clients in North Yorkshire and further afield, too.

With our deep knowledge of building websites borne from years of commercial experience, as well as deep technical knowledge yielded from writing books and speaking at design conferences, we offer our knowledge to clients who may not need a website building, but want an expert’s opinion on a potential project.

What can a web consultant do?

There are a variety of tasks you can use our website consultancy for:

  • Performing search engine and technical audits of existing websites to help identify current issues affecting search engine rankings or other performance factors
  • Managing a large website project where you don’t have enough technical expertise to answer questions from your supplier
  • Providing training courses to help you and/or your team members get to grips with managing your website’s content or product catalogue
  • Determining which website software is going to be best for your project. We have a large knowledge of available web software, from WordPress to Magento and the Magento Enterprise platform,  to Drupal and more giving us a wide overview of what is likely to be a best fit for your particular project
  • Planning an ecommerce website project, from picking a platform to advice on website structure and hierarchy
  • Helping you with a specific issue on your website involving any of the software above
  • Writing a feasibility report for your website project, identifying potential problems with your proposed ideas and indicating possible solutions to any problems

If you would like to discuss your website project in confidence, please contact us.