Speaking on Magento 2 at Magento York

We were invited to speak at the Magento York group recently, and spoke to store owners and other Magento developers on the topic of Magento 2.

by Richard Carter.

We’re really pleased to have spoken at the Magento York event yesterday evening. And thanks to all who turned out near the beautiful York Minster!

Magento 2 screenshot at Magento York

Magento York is a user group for Magento developers and store owners interested in learning about Magento. User groups are typically run for free by volunteers who contribute their time and ideas for the greater good of the community.

We were invited by Magento York’s organisers to speak on Magento 2, and share our understanding of how Magento will change, and key concepts in developing new functionality for the new platform.

An evening on Magento 2 in York

Our topic for the night is Magento 2 (see our previous guide on what’s new in Magento 2), and we’ll be delivering two key topics; myself and our lead Magento developer, Richie, will each be delivering a presentation on the topic of Magento 2.

  • I ran my introduction to Magento 2 session (my slides are online here), which looks at what’s new in the newly released version of Magento Community and Magento Enterprise, and whether it’s worth updating your Magento store to Magento 2 yet
  • Richie ran a great Magento 2 live demonstration of the administration panel, as well as his Aspect Orientated Programming in Magento (based around Daniel Sloof’s excellent talk at Mage Titans in Manchester last November). The latter talk neatly looks at different ways to change Magento’s functionality in Magento 1, and then how the concept of AOP is used in Magento 2 as “Plugins”, a programming concept potentially new to many seasoned Magento developers

Many thanks to the organisers of Magento York, Daniel and Douglas, and we hope to be back at a future event!